The Patient in Patient Safety: Contemporary Issues, from COVID-19 to Citizen Science
Event Type
Discussion Panel
TimeFriday, April 163:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
LocationPatient Safety Research and Initiatives
DescriptionSince 2018, we have presented panels focused on the role of the patient in patient safety starting with topic introduction (Papautsky, Holden, Valdez, et al., 2018), to clinicians’ experiences engaging patients in safety (Papautsky, Holden, Valdez, et al 2019), to the unique perspectives of researchers who are also patients (Papautsky, Holden, Valdez, et al., 2020). Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the patient in safety regarding their health has become explicit, including management of pre-existing illnesses, acute events, and COVID-19. Thus, in our 4th annual instantiation of The Patient in Patient Safety panel, we propose to focus on this increased formalization of the role of patients and families in both access to and contribution to the clinical information space in service of safety, through design of human-centered solutions. Of particular immediate relevance are the barriers to safety associated with COVID-19 isolation protocols making it impossible for families to participate as patient advocates in inpatient settings to monitor for safety and communicate on behalf of patients, as well as decision making associated with both vigilance of COVID-19 symptoms and management of COVID-19 at home. Additional topics will include patient access to clinicians’ notes (OpenNotes movement) and delivery of clinically relevant patient generated health data (PGHD) through EHR-integrated applications as opportunities to catch errors and inform a more complete clinical picture. Social media has emerged as a way to highlight and integrate distributed knowledge on these topics between patients and clinicians, facilitating their teaming in research.