Focusing the safety spotlight: How safety intelligence can inform systemic patient safety initiatives
Event Type
Discussion Panel
TimeWednesday, April 1411:00am - 12:00pm EDT
LocationPatient Safety Research and Initiatives
DescriptionAddressing systemic patient safety gaps with limited resources is a challenge at the heart of most healthcare organisations and patient safety initiatives. Individual organisations, hospital networks, and national health organisations are continually looking to make data-driven, evidence-based decisions to focus their efforts, so as to maximise the return of investments in improving staff safety and patient outcomes. While a number of human factors frameworks are available to model system wide issues in complex sociotechnical systems including healthcare, this is only one piece of the puzzle; there are a number of practical challenges in operationalising this work, with respect to data collection and interpretation, project scoping, measures of success, iterating on safety initiatives, and the importance of partnering with other organisations committed to building the safest healthcare system.
We have arranged for an international panel of distinguished human factors practitioners to discuss the successes and challenges in advancing patient safety using this evidence-based safety intelligence approach, from both the perspective of the hospital, and the risk management and liability insurer. Their broad and deep experience in human factors, patient safety, and systems thinking in the Canadian and UK healthcare contexts make for an insightful and practical discussion, with particular focus on providing insights and learnings to human factors practitioners and healthcare organisations interested in adopting this approach.
The panel discussion will be structured in the following manner:
• Brief introduction of each of the speakers, with a short presentation of their work in human factors, patient safety, and safety intelligence in healthcare (15 min)
• Group discussion on a range of topics of theoretical and practical importance for applying safety intelligence to patient safety. (25 min)
This may include topics such as:
o Data - Challenges related to collection, sources, coding, and data quality
o Analytics – Methods of analysis and interpreting trends in data
o Decision making – Methods and considerations for prioritising areas of focus
o Measuring outcomes and demonstrating value - Project scoping, measures of success, and iterating on interventions
• Opening the floor to questions from the audience. (20 min)
Vice President of Healthcare Safety and Risk Management
Head of Patient Safety Incident Response Policy
Lead, Human Factors and Patient Safety