Virtual Observation: The Power of Observation and Research Iteration
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeThursday, April 1511:00am - 11:20am EDT
LocationMedical and Drug Delivery Devices
DescriptionThe global pandemic moved much of standard in-person research to remote approaches. Observational research is still vital to device development and combinations of methods can accomplish what was traditionally done in person. The presentation will describe pros and cons of 3 virtual approaches: web-assisted telephone interview device testing, virtual ethnography, and virtual observation. Two case studies will be described: Home Health Infusion Unmet Needs and Preparing/Administering IV Chemo Unmet Needs. Each case study will show where insights would have been missed without observation. In concluding, we will emphasize where each approach is best suited. Post-pandemic, these approaches will still prove valuable. Finally, we will discuss how the research reminds us of the importance of observation and using iterative research.