The Future of Pharmacy: Empowering Timely, Intelligent, and Proactive Care
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeFriday, April 162:00pm - 2:20pm EDT
LocationDigital Health
DescriptionThe modern pharmacist is responsible for helping patients navigate though an increasingly complex and costly healthcare system. Government policies in many Canadian provinces are increasingly driving for a patient-centred transformation in the deliverance of care. While 2 major changes can drive systemic change in the pharmacy practice—a shift within the pharmacy setting and developing stronger, external relationships—the effect of this shift is multiple manifolds due to the adoption of digital solutions.

Existing changes within the pharmacy practice focus on enhancing patient experiences by offering more services and developing more robust documentation and comprehensive care plan protocol. Stronger external relationships are being formed within healthcare, allowing the efficient and secure sharing of electronic health records to provide integrated care. Ultimately, the greatest shift comes from technology, which is supporting these changes in practice while driving long-term change by not only encouraging patients to take charge of their own health, but also empowering pharmacists to deliver scalable, clinical services.

In under six months, MedMe has transformed over 6% of Canada’s pharmacy practice by providing virtual solutions, online schedulers, and automation tools to define workflows for a new generation of pharmacy care. Our goal is to foster a future of proactive, preventative, and personalized care to build a sustainable health ecosystem, and we've built software to streamline workflows and documentation, enable secure communication between patient and clinician, and more.

This proposed talk will touch upon how MedMe is pushing for a pharmacy innovation and the development of a sustainable, healthcare ecosystem by focusing on the company’s learnings, considerations, and iterative co-creation process with pharmacies across Canada. The talk will also discuss what changes need to be considered to advance the pharmacy profession as a whole.