Going Agile to Protect Hospital Patient Safety and Experiences in Crisis
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeThursday, April 1511:40am - 12:00pm EDT
LocationHospital Environments
DescriptionIn this presentation, the Chief Quality Officer of Indiana University (IU) Health Academic Health Center and a human factors consultant from the IU School of Medicine will present on maintaining quality and safety while managing the demands of COVID-19. We will present patient stories illuminating how during peak demand inpatients can become disconnected from others due to isolation protocols and staff shortages, while families can become disconnected from what is happening to their loved ones. These disconnects threaten patient experience and patient safety, increasing the risk of events such as falls and delays in care. These and other case studies also reveal how patients, families, and clinicians adapt to protect patient safety and experiences even in the most difficult of circumstances. Lastly, we introduce our Agile approach (Boustani, Azar, et al., 2020; Boustani, Holden, et al., 2020): the Agile Mindset (Holden & Boustani, 2020); Agile Implementation (Boustani et al., 2019); and Agile Innovation (Holden et al., 2021). We describe the Agile initiatives we implemented through IU Health’s quality department to address patient/family disconnects and their potential benefits for patient safety and the experiences of patients and their families.

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