Designing for the Disability Community: Creating Responsive Experiences and Health Systems
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeThursday, April 1511:20am - 11:40am EDT
LocationHospital Environments
DescriptionIn this presentation, I will articulate the need for Human Factors/Ergonomics professionals and researchers working in hospital environments to explicitly account for the needs of the disability community. I will provide a brief overview of the ethical, legal, and design-related rationales for this need. I will then transition to providing concrete examples of how I have worked both within the University of Virginia Health System and with the Virginia Department of Health in partnership with the disability community, to begin designing and implementing tailored solutions. One example I will present will include creating new processes for collecting data related to disability status throughout the health system and providing relevant training to all staff. Another example will be that of determining how best to overcome vaccine hesitancy and challenges related to vaccine access. This latter example will also highlight the need for those working in hospital environments to consider the ways in which hospital environments must interact with community environments to ensure health equity.