Writing Stop on a Yield Sign - Exploration of a Failure of Unified COVID Pandemic Messaging
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeTuesday, April 134:10pm - 4:30pm EDT
LocationHospital Environments
DescriptionDuring this recent COVID crisis, our organization has struggled to balance wholistic organization wide messaging with that of staff level critical information transfer resulting in potential staff COVID exposures, loss of productivity, and increased staff anxiety.

In an effort to shed light on some of the potential barriers and possible solutions to effective unified crisis communication, we will review the Incident Command System (ICS) and it's influence on Incident Management Teams (IMT) in the context of an inner-city, tertiary care, level-one trauma, academic medical center's response to internal COVID response communications. We will examine our response in an effort to provide an example of possible response structures for future crisis incident. This will be outlined in three sections:

1.) Exploration of an example of a unified structure for the creation and dissemination of mission critical information in the of a time of crisis. This will include a brief review of the Incident Command System and its influence on the structure of our Incident Management Team.

2.) An example of successful crisis intervention branding and unified messaging created to foster the organizational goals of staff and patient safety as well as a stable narrative around our COVID response.

3.) Lastly, an example of a failure of critical information transfer at the expense of this wholistic message branding. We will explore the human factors related to a failure to identify safety critical information in the context of a broader organizational message structure. This failure resulted in staff non-adherence to personal protective equipment utilization and potential loss of staff confidence in the communication of safety critical information at the patient bedside.