Lessons from game design for building emphatic and encouraging digital health experience
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeWednesday, April 1411:20am - 11:40am EDT
LocationDigital Health
DescriptionGames have an amazing power to keep us engaged and focused. Despite the fact that we often experience frustration and lose numerous times, we consider them pleasant activities. So what lies behind the power of game design and how can healthcare (especially in field of digital health) benefit from it? In my talk, I will skip the obvious gamification legacy of points and badges, and venture deeper into how the power of game design can be applied to improve health-related experiences. With the help of a few of our case studies (such as an app helping patients to cope with cystic fibrosis or a communication campaign for a newly-opened hospital), I will point out actionable take-aways as well as DOs and DON’Ts we picked up along the way.