Calculating the Return on Investment of User-Centered Design to Improve Health Care Products and Interfaces
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeFriday, April 162:40pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationDigital Health
DescriptionAre you looking to quantify the value of incorporating user-centered design (UCD) into the development of your health care products and services? Intuitive and easy to use interfaces mean a good return on your investment, ensuring that IT dollars are wisely spent in producing useful and usable designs. If your interface designs are hard to use, internal staff as well as external customers won’t be able to complete their tasks easily or find what they’re looking for. There are a variety of formulas available to develop metrics showing that more usable designs provide solid business value. Participants will take away specific methods to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of usability. Learn these techniques as part of helping you make the case for incorporating user-centered design within your organization.

Some organizations may be reluctant to spend time, money, and resources on conducting usability research and following a user-centered design process for the products and services they develop. The bottom line is that those individuals with input and control over budgets may not be convinced enough of the value of UCD. However, there are several formulas that can help organizations measure the ROI of UCD, and quantify the value, which can lead organizations to ultimately develop more intuitive and easier to use interfaces.

The key message for the audience to take away is that there are a variety of formulas available for IT professionals to develop metrics to calculate the return on investment of usability, and to demonstrate that more usable designs provide solid business value.
Principal User Experience Researcher