Designing Safe Visualizations for Patient Data
Event Type
Oral Presentations
TimeFriday, April 1611:40am - 12:00pm EDT
LocationDigital Health
DescriptionAt the core of every electronic medical record is data - large amounts of data. Clinicians are expected to take in this data at a rapid pace in high stress clinical setting and make the best care decisions for their many patients with a vast range of diagnoses. How this data is represented to a clinician can mean life or death for someone. Visualizing patient data accurately and safely is imperative for improving clinician's ability to provide quality healthcare to the population. Although there are a number of visualization libraries and design guidelines available, most of them do not meet the complex needs of clinical data visualizations. In order to maintain patient safety in our designs, it is imperative to understand how even small details can impact the end user's perception of data. During this talk, Jody and Erin will explain the complex needs to clinical data visualizations and guidelines to create successful and safe visualizations.
User Experience Designer
Senior User Experience Strategist