Well-Orchestrated Occupational Therapy Telehealth Sessions: Training and Preparation for Safe and Effective Service Delivery
Event Type
Poster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:53pm - 2:54pm EDT
LocationDigital Health
DescriptionTelehealth was an emerging occupational therapy (OT) service delivery model prior to the COVID-19 global health emergency. Positive attributes were beginning to be documented in the evidence literature including the potential to offset global OT practitioner (OTPs) shortages. Despite its positive offerings, there was a gap in the evidence literature regarding telehealth’s wide-spread adoption in OT school-based practice, among other areas practice. Before the COVID-19 pandemic thrust many OTPs into rapid adoption of telehealth technologies, in many instances with marginal preparation, an investigation was conducted into factors that increased the likelihood of telehealth adoption. A training program, The OT Telehealth Primer was developed, educating OTPs in key preparatory measures and crucial considerations to establish appropriateness of fit for telehealth. Participants who completed the training program demonstrated an increase from pre to post-training, and on a post-training survey were able to identify the important foundational measures essential to achieving successful service delivery for the practitioner and the service recipients. This poster session will identify vital factors that are necessary to achieve a well-orchestrated OT Telehealth session, including training and preparation leading to safe and effective service delivery.
Clinical Professor Program Director, On-line Post-professional Occupational Therapy Programs