Treatment Burden: Opportunities and Barriers for Supporting Interprofessional Collaborative Care
Event Type
Poster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationPatient Safety Research and Initiatives
DescriptionGiven the time and energy demands that treatment burden can put on a patient’s life, with consequences ranging from non-adherence to treatment regimens, relapse, and decreased quality of life, there is a need to ensure the incorporating and use of treatment burden data on the clinician side. Despite several studies capturing treatment burden focused on a single disease to inform measurement instruments, there is little no understanding of if and how clinicians can incorporate and use this information to inform patient-centered treatment planning. We propose to present a stakeholder analysis, based on a targeted literature review and informal conversations with clinicians (e.g. physician, nurse, MA, PA) and patients and caregivers to elicit perspectives and lived-experienced associated with sharing and incorporating considerations of treatment burden into treatment/care planning (and alternatively, lack thereof that may have resulted in negative outcomes including clinical, mental health, quality of life, adherence, and others. Particular questions of interest will include 1) types of treatment burden; 2) examples of elicitation, delivery, and use; 3) examples of outcomes in which treatment burden may have played a role; 4) general perspectives around barriers of sharing and integration of treatment burden data.