Tapping into the Apple healthcare Ecosystem
Event Type
Poster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:39pm - 2:40pm EDT
LocationDigital Health
DescriptionAs a digital product designer I have seen first hand Apple's efforts to dominate any consumer or commercial space when they so choose to and now I see that Apple has made it a priority to create a significant impact in the healthcare space. However, there is no singular product to sell so they have created a healthcare ecosystem where a clinician, provider, device manufacturer, or research institution can opt into.

The poster will provide a high-level summary of the frameworks and services that make up the ecosystem. In addition to the overview I have also included examples of apps for consumers and from providers and universities who are now entering into the Apple Healthcare Ecosystem.

Here are four key points made within the presentation:

1. Connecting data from disparate apps, medical devices, and healthcare institutions will provide greater insights to the user when it is combined together to tell a holistic health and wellness story.

2. The seamless integration Apple has tailored will make activity tracking easier for the research participant and the data recording should be more accurate for the researcher.

3. The focus on engagement and accountability will help with positive patient outcomes within the value-based care model.

4. Clinical health records combined with the user generated health data will help provide users with greater clarity around their health and wellness - at their fingertips.

In summary, Apple’s continued efforts to put the user first within the healthcare ecosystem will help to ensure success for not just patients -- but for clinicians, providers, and healthcare organizations.