Reliability and Trust Related to Organizational Communication Around COVID-19 Vaccine Information
Event Type
Poster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationHospital Environments
DescriptionDuring our organizational COVID response, we explored the complexities of various internal communication channels and strategies in an effort to establish a reliable and trustworthy narrative around staff acceptance of our mission critical need of COVID-19 vaccination for all employees. Our aims were to increase vaccine acceptance while decreasing potential COVID exposures, loss of productivity, and increased staff anxiety.

In an effort to shed light on some of the potential barriers and possible solutions to effective unified crisis communication, we will review our efforts. We will briefly describe the Incident Command System (ICS) and it's influence on Incident Management Teams (IMT) in the context of an inner-city, tertiary care, level-one trauma, academic medical center's response to internal COVID vaccine communications. We will examine our response in an effort to provide an example of possible response structures for future crisis incident response. This will be outlined in three sections:

1.) Exploration of an example of a unified structure for the creation and dissemination of mission critical information in a time of crisis to internal stakeholders.

2.) Describe examples of the daily work associated with gathering, evaluation, and distribution of staff related vaccine issues. We will review examples of feedback and voice of the customer channels and discussion pitfalls of centralized versus grassroots data gathering. Next, we will outline workflows for the evaluation and prioritizing incoming data. Lastly, we will describe our decision process for the determination of distribution channel(s) selection.

3.) Demonstrate examples of messaging iteration through multiple channels including e-mail, social media, organizational intranet, healthcare applications, and daily huddles. We will explore the pros and cons of each channel and highlight the need for not only repeating messages but also the need for multiples channels.