Mike Murphy
Mike enjoys finding common ground between design’s blue sky and technology’s hard
edges, straight lines and pointy bits.
While at Ipsos, Mike has led teams designing for the web, mobile devices, enterprise tools,
instructions, kiosks, smart TV, packaging, paper forms, voice response systems, and
services. He’s equally comfortable creating simple, friendly consumer-facing apps and highly
specialized tools for knowledge workers.
While Mike’s focus is design methods, he thinks that a few days of usability testing (or
playing tech support for his 3 kids) can teach him things that years of hands-on design can’t
Before he joined Ipsos, Mike supported a large cable company’s software team, co-owned a
small design firm, and helped design and launch a podcasting service and software.
Mike has a special place in his heart for misfits, mutts, underdogs, and things that defy
categorization, except when cleaning his house.
Mike has a BA in Computer Science and Visual Art from Rutgers University, and has
contributed to several UI design patents.