T. Ryan Hilgers
After completing a summer internship in 2015 at BH and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Factors Psychology from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Hilgers transitioned into a full-time position while also continuing his education through the online sector of his alma mater. Hilgers completed the graduate degree, Master of Science in Human Factors and Systems Engineering, in January, 2018 with a thesis titled “Human Factors Contributing to Preventable Adverse Drug Events in Healthcare”.

At BH, Ryan has worked for a variety of clients, including Abiomed, Olympus, ConMed, Smith & Nephew, Medtronic, and KCI. Hilgers has experience in the execution of medical usability studies; from working with clients in the early planning stages, through formative and summative studies, as well as the generation of post-study reports. He also supports the design and development team as an ergonomist, advising on the usability of physical and cognitive user interface design. He is a member of HFES and a Board-Certified Human Factors Professional and Ergonomist.
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