Haleh Vatani is a Ph.D. Candidate for Biomedical and Health Information Sciences at the University of Illinois (UIC). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Computer Engineering from Tehran University, Iran, and a MSc in Health Informatics from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Haleh has years of experience in the industry as a Data Analyst, Business Analyst, and Product Management in various Health IT companies and research and teaching positions at various academic institutions.

Haleh’s research interests include User-Centered System Design, Consumer Health Applications, and Natural Language Processing. Haleh currently works as Graduate Research Assistant at UIC where the National Institutes of Health have funded her research. She organizes a series of events and activities for her research teams, mentors other graduate assistants, prepares material for local and global Health Information Technology seminars. Haleh is also is a reviewer in various journals and conferences in the areas related to her research.