Lauren is a Biomedical Engineer and Human Factors Consultant with Agilis Consulting Group, LLC. Lauren received her doctorate from Tulane University Medical School and is experienced in applying human factors principles to the design, evaluation, and validation of medical devices and products. Prior to joining Agilis Consulting Group, Lauren directed research in the startup space to design and prototype medical devices.

• 10+ years of experience, including design, development, and testing of medical and wearable therapeutic devices
• Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Aging Studies, Biomedical Engineering specialization

Areas Of Specialty:
• Human subjects research protocol development, task analysis, and project management
• Biomedical factors influencing physical and psychological performance in a surgical environment
• Medical device prototype development, data collection, and validation
• Biosensor and wearable sensor development and validation
• Design considerations for an aging population including visual, auditory, and perceptual modifications/adaptations