Dr. Mary Beth Privitera, M.Design, FIDSA, is internationally known as an expert in medical product design, specifically in the area of applied human factors. She is a principal at HS- Design, responsible for human factors and research. Additionally, she serves as faculty and co-chair of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s Human Engineering Committee.

Privitera also holds an appointment as Professor at the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and works collaboratively among the Colleges of Medicine, Engineering and Design. She is currently the Co-Founder and Director of the Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. Her previous academic appointments include industrial design and several years in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

She has worked on devices which are intended for use across the practice of medicine and in home health situations. Her current research focuses on applied ergonomics and design research. She has authored several peer reviewed articles and a books titled “Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design,” promoting best practices for phase zero medical device development. Contextual Inquiry is promoted by the FDA as the foundation of a robust human factors program. Her 2nd book, written in collaboration with AAMI Human Factors faculty is titled “Applied Human Factors in Medical Device Design.” This book aims at bringing all references and best practices together in one resource compendium.