Carleene has 18 years of experience in the healthcare field and is based in Toronto, ON Canada. She began her career in medical engineering (2003), then moved into a consulting role as a human factors specialist (2007), and recently as a quality improvement specialist (2017). She has ten years of experience evaluating various medical device technology through heuristic evaluation and usability testing. She is also experienced in assessing clinical processes and environments. She served as a member on several hospital committees (e.g., Safe Medication Practices, Order Sets, and Corporate Patient Safety) providing a human factors lens to organizational patient safety initiatives. In recent years, she applied her human factors perspective and expertise to quality improvement work within a community hospital. She currently holds a position as a Senior Healthcare Safety and Risk Management Specialist at the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (2020). She continues to apply human factors methods to initiatives that aim to improve healthcare safety and provides risk management support to healthcare organizations.