Joseph Johnson
Joseph received a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Human Factors and Ergonomics from SUNY at Buffalo after earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The University of Oregon. As a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA Center), Joseph was introduced to and subsequently captivated by universal design goals and morals. He played a major role in conducting and designing moderated research studies and usability tests for the evaluation of current commercial products as well as the development of wayfinding products for people with disabilities. Methods he employed during his career include in-person interviews, focus groups, summative and formative usability testing, and surveys. He has analyzed quantitative and qualitative data in order to explain patterns in behaviors and future design considerations.

Joseph also has experience in designing and producing high fidelity GUI prototypes that align with HCI and UX principals. Working with people with disabilities gave him insights into the requirements for consumer ready GUIs. With his usability testing experience, his understanding of HCI, and his awareness of universal design, he is able to support BH in conducting the right research that supports the needs of all stake holders involved.
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