Poster Presentation: DH10 - Poster
Event TypePoster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationDigital Health
2:00pm - 2:01pm EDTA critical review of consumer health search engine functionalities for patients with chronic health conditions
2:01pm - 2:02pm EDTA Human Factors Evaluation of Blood Pressure Monitors for Use in the MEDSReM 2.0 System
2:02pm - 2:04pm EDTA Scoping Review of Communication on Social Media - Breast Cancer
2:04pm - 2:05pm EDTA Study of Physicians’ Explanatory Reasoning in Re-diagnosis Scenarios: Investigating Explanation Strategies for AI Diagnostic Systems
2:05pm - 2:06pm EDTAutonomous Human Monitoring and Activity Recognition for Safety and Health Improvement
2:06pm - 2:08pm EDTAn Analysis of the Current Mobile Technologies Available to Assist Hispanic Minority Youth in Diagnosis and Self-Treatment of Anxiety and Depression
2:08pm - 2:09pm EDTBy the Skin of Our Teeth - Navigating Product Design in a Crisis
2:09pm - 2:10pm EDTCharacterizing Today's Health Information Technology Toolbox Through a Comprehensive Environmental Scan
2:10pm - 2:12pm EDTCyber-situational Awareness in Clinical Trials Using Wearable Device Technology
2:12pm - 2:13pm EDTDeriving Information Requirements for College Student Mental Health Self-Management Mobile Applications
2:13pm - 2:15pm EDTDevelopment of home personas to inform design of consumer health IT
2:15pm - 2:16pm EDTEthical Ergonomics: Telehealth in Context
2:16pm - 2:17pm EDTEtiometry T3 Heuristic Evaluation
2:17pm - 2:19pm EDTEvaluating Patients’ Perceptions of the Use of Secure Messaging for Medication Reconciliation During Transitions of Care
2:19pm - 2:20pm EDTEvaluating Older Adults’ Attitudes toward Domestic Robot Assistance for Healthcare Tasks
2:20pm - 2:21pm EDTExploring the Acceptance, Barriers, and Needs of Assistive Technology for Wheeled Device Users.
2:21pm - 2:23pm EDTHuman-Centered Design of Technological Solutions for Supporting Informal Caregivers Engagement in Heart Failure Dyadic Self-care: Developing an Interview Guide
2:23pm - 2:24pm EDTHuman Factors and Ergonomics- based recommendations for the use of teleconsultation tools in the Cantabrian Health Service (Spain)
2:24pm - 2:25pm EDTInvestigating the Key Persuasive Features for Fitness App Design and Extending the Persuasive System Design Model: A Qualitative Approach
2:25pm - 2:27pm EDTLeft Behind by Society: The Elderly Population and Challenges Faced with TeleHealth
2:27pm - 2:28pm EDTMobile Health Platform for Individual and Population-Level Surveillance
2:28pm - 2:30pm EDTMorphological Analysis of the Human Lower Lumbar Spine Using Sagittal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scans
2:30pm - 2:31pm EDTOptimizing public health data collection from Internet of Things sensors: An integrated data-sharing platform
2:31pm - 2:32pm EDTPhysicians and their Patience: Redefining Healthcare Relationships through Readability Optimization
2:32pm - 2:34pm EDTPowerability, a mobility equipment education app for caregivers
2:34pm - 2:35pm EDTPsychiatry Transcript Annotation: Human Factors Process Study and Improvements
2:35pm - 2:36pm EDTThe My Diabetes Care Mobile Patient Portal Intervention: Design Sprint and Prototype Testing
2:36pm - 2:38pm EDTThe Relationship between Users’ Receptiveness to Health Messages and Social Cognitive Beliefs in Persuasive Health Communication
2:38pm - 2:39pm EDTThe Role of Patient Communication Tools in Medication Management After a Regimen Change
2:39pm - 2:40pm EDTTapping into the Apple healthcare Ecosystem
2:40pm - 2:42pm EDTUnderstanding challenges in the home environment and technology preferences for home assessments and modifications among older adults undergoing joint replacement surgery: A qualitative feasibility study
2:42pm - 2:43pm EDTUnderstanding Clinicians’ Needs, Requirements, and Perception of a Sepsis Clinical Decision Support System to Support Successful Implementation
2:43pm - 2:45pm EDTUsable Does Not Mean Used: Going Beyond Usability to Engage Dementia Caregivers with Mobile Health Technology
2:45pm - 2:46pm EDTUsability of Health Information Exchange User Interfaces during Simulated Medication Reconciliation
2:46pm - 2:47pm EDTUsability study of a novel collaborative health IT in a pediatric ICU
2:47pm - 2:49pm EDTUsability Testing for the Mental Health Evaluation and Lookout Program (mHELP) Application for College Students
2:49pm - 2:50pm EDTUsing mHealth to Support Health Coaching for Patients with Hypertension
2:50pm - 2:51pm EDTSimulating the Effects of Anthropometry on the Contralateral Limb of Transtibial Amputees
2:51pm - 2:53pm EDTVirtual Needs Assessment for Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment
2:53pm - 2:54pm EDTWell-Orchestrated Occupational Therapy Telehealth Sessions: Training and Preparation for Safe and Effective Service Delivery
2:54pm - 2:55pm EDTArtificial Intelligence and design practice: a new approach to user-interface design for eHealth and mHealth
2:55pm - 2:57pm EDTEvaluating and Motivating Activation in Long Term Care: Lessons from a pilot study
2:57pm - 2:58pm EDTMapping usability heuristics to ethical principles in clinical decision support design
2:58pm - 3:00pm EDTAir quality monitoring platform using data mining, big data, and machine learning