Poster Presentation: ES10 - Poster
Event TypePoster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationEducation and Simulation
Are you paying attention? An examination on the potential differences between Real-World and Augmented Reality training for Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Assessing the Ergonomic Design of a New Back Table for Perioperative Nurses
Comparing Traditional and Augmented Reality Training for Identifying Critical Symptoms for Diagnosing Airway Obstruction Cases: A Pilot Study
Comparisons of Weighted NASA-TLX and SURG-TLX for Simulated Laparoscopic Tasks
Creation of a High Fidelity, Cost Effective, Real World Surgical Simulation for Surgical Education
Foundational Analysis to Support Simulation Training System Design
Health Technology @ Illinois -- Innovating for Health
Identifying and assessing human factors surrounding the introduction of high frequency ventilation during neonatal transport with simulation.
Is Remote Human Factors testing an acceptable approach for Human Factors Validation
Mindful hand hygiene and self-guided training using a Mobile Phone App
Physiological Effects of Augmented Reality Training for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC): variations in length of exposure, breaks, and technological modality.
Psychological Aspects of Augmented Reality Training for Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Teaching Cognitive Interviewing Skills for Adverse Event Investigation
Teaching Patient Mobility in the ICU Using a Simulated Patient
Trend Analysis of Healthcare Research in Human Factors over the Past 47 Years
Using Simulated Handover to Assess Team-Based Competencies in a Virtual Environment
Understanding Nursing Student Needs Regarding Efficacy and Usability for a Simulated EHR
Characterizing Movement Components of COVID-19 by Examining Acute Oxidative Stress Effects on the Depression of Limb Muscle Contractility