Poster Presentation: MD10 - Poster
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Event TypePoster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationMedical and Drug Delivery Devices
BD Evolve Human Factors development and testing
Clinically Based Task Analysis: A Multi-Tiered Development Approach
Considerations for translating medical devices under development from the clinic to the home: A case study in providing chronic wound care
Development of a Self-Injection Syringe Testing System
High fidelity formative studies at low fidelity costs: Leveraging overlapping user groups between products to get more information for less
How to Combat Negative Transfer of Learning during Medical Device Development
Human Factors Testing Sample Size Requirements: Is It Time to Reevaluate?
Instructions for use design: understanding international regulatory guidance for multi-country product launches
Integrating Human Factors into the product development process – development of BD Intevia™ 1mL two-step Disposable Autoinjector
Medical Device Cybersecurity: Products Must be Both Accessible for Users and Impenetrable for Cybercriminals
Medical device human factors submissions: identifying and understanding key differences in regulatory guidance across the globe
Multi-faceted assessment of the ergonomics in medical device manufacturing
Reducing Infusion Pump-Related Medication Errors: The Use of a “Mental Model” to Guide Drug Library Development and Implementation
Self-administration of high viscosity and high volume (1-2 ml) biologic drugs with simple, ergonomic, syringe-based injection technology
Suggesting a Usability Guideline for the Robot-assisted Gait Training System through the Usability Evaluation
Tips and best practices for conducting in-person user experience research with vulnerable populations in the COVID-19 era
Usability Testing of Ultrasonic Surgical System for Lower Eyelid Fat Removal
User experience improvement in manual self-injection of viscous solutions with 8mm ultra-thin wall needle syringes (BD Neopak™ XtraFlow™)
Using visual aids to increase adherence, comprehension and recall of medical instructions, health education, and medical device instructions.
Validating design in a COVID World: The challenge of physical stimuli in a remote setting
How the FDA's COVID-19 EUA Human Factors Requirements May Alter the Industry as We Know It
Recruitment During a Pandemic