Poster Presentation: PS10 - Poster
Session ChairAssistant Professor
Event TypePoster Presentation
TimeThursday, April 152:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationPatient Safety Research and Initiatives
At Home Remote Ethnography
Contributing Factors of Medication Errors in Nursing Practice
Examining the Mothers Feeling of Safety, Location, Devices Used, and Type of Birthing Attendant Present
Exploring Older Adults’ Internalizations and Misconceptions Regarding Antihypertensive Medication Management
Health Information Technology Usability Contributions to Medication Errors and Patient Safety Events
Implications for the physical design of the postnatal care unit from a targeted analysis of issues with accessing the bathroom at night in the acute care setting: A secondary analysis
Larger numbered absolute risk reduction and other risk reduction formats in the medical intervention effect: perceived effectiveness, understandability, and intention to recommend by physicians
Maternal Mortality Litigation Review
Patient Work of COVID-19 Self-Management: A Characterization of Patient-Facing Guidance
Patient-Partnered Team Science is Key to Patient-Centered Care
Treatment Burden: Opportunities and Barriers for Supporting Interprofessional Collaborative Care
Urine dipsticks use: process standardization from a Human Factors approach
User-Centered Design in Operational Projects: Illustration with Central Venous Access Device Documentation
Who Watches the Watchmen? Physician Burnout in the 21st Century
Multi-Component Design of a Mobile Rehabilitation Application for Remote Monitoring of Patients